10+ Best Domain Name Generators For Your WordPress Website


A domain name helps customers remember the name of your website and boosts the online authority of your online business. Thus, it’s important to have a unique, memorable, and relevant online business domain name.

Fortunately, domain name generators are useful for creating the ideal domain name for your company. These tools also allow you to acquire a domain name quickly and simply while checking domain availability and suggesting other names.

The 10 best domain name generators for your WordPress blog site are listed in this post. So let’s get started. 

Before Starting: A Little Brief About Domain Name

Just like your home has an address, your online site needs one, and that address is your domain name. Anyone online can visit your website by writing it in the search box of any internet browser.

10 Best Domain Name Generators 

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Domain.com
  4. Nameboy
  5. Panabee
  6. Nameming
  7. Looka
  8. NameStation
  9. Blog Tyrant
  10. Lean Domain Search
  11. Instant Domain Search
  12. Network Solutions

Let us now learn about these 10 best domain name generators for your WordPress website.


Try Bluehost the best domain name generators for your WordPress website

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting and domain name generators that exist. Go to the Bluehost domain search page to get started. You may look for a new domain name here, pay for and finalize the registration, then connect it to a Bluehost hosting plan.


Just enter the desired domain name in the search window to start the Bluehost domain search process. Not sure about the domain name you wish to use? You may enter your finest potential website name and receive a list of options.

Once you’ve entered your perfect domain name, a list of Bluehost domain search options will appear. You may add your desired name right away to your shopping basket if it is available.


Hostinger domain name generators

You can simply check domain availability and buy one using Hostinger’s domain name generators tool.

The search tool will let you know if the desired domain name is accessible when you enter it in the search form. Also, it provides a number of recommendations utilizing other domain extensions and pertinent terms.

Many custom domain extensions are supported by Hostinger, ranging from well-liked options like.net and.online to specialized ones like.eu and.fm. To reduce the number of results, use the search filters. Moreover, you can provide a price range of $0.99 to $99.99.


Domain.com domain name generators

Domain.com is one of the world’s most popular domain name generators, web marketers, and web hosting companies. Domain.com’s 300+ domain extensions and immediate pricing evaluation enable users to quickly browse through hundreds of potential domain names.

It’s simple to use Domain.com. If you’re not entirely convinced by one concept, it recommends several expansions and minor keyword modifications.

Each query’s domain name availability is checked by Domain.com automatically. You are unable to refuse it. Domain.com hasn’t historically tasted domains, though.

Domain.com also provides a website builder tool, a web hosting plan, as well as design and marketing services if you’re seeking extra tools and services.



Nameboy, a domain name generators that was first registered in 1999, may generate names for your website based on particular keywords. It is a straightforward, simple-to-use domain name generator that offers many choices upfront.

Nameboy checks domain availability through Bluehost by default. However, you can easily disable the tick mark before starting your search to only check availability through Domain.com.

Nameboy also provides secondary business name generators depending on your industry. Pick from the drop-down menu on their homepage to name your software, charity, fitness, or even school to find the perfect option for you.


Panabee domain name generators

With one tool, Panabee enables you to search across domain names, app names, website names, and company names. It offers consumers worldwide AI-powered suggestions for company names.

Panabee does check for available domain names, but this only occurs if you click the “see availability” button next to each name. It sends you to either IONOS or 101domain, a domain registration tool, depending on where you are.


Nameming domain name generators

An AI-powered naming tool called Nameming focuses on quick sorting and unique name suggestions. The platform provides several name possibilities.

The website is extremely simple to use and provides a pricing comparison for domain registration on the details page for each name.


Looka domain name generators

One of the top domain name generators for 2023 is offered by Looka, a firm that specializes in brand names and logo designs. If you need a new company name but don’t know where to start, this intuitive name generator is helpful because it doesn’t only use keywords.

The domain search engine of Looka generates suggestions based on keywords, industries, or general concepts. Other classifications include invented, complex, and multiword names. Even better, you may choose a length between one and 20 characters.

You may use Looka to see whether your desired domain is available and Domain.com to register it. But only if you navigate to the Domain Availability page will this occur. You are not at all required to do this.


NameStation domain name generators

One of the greatest domain generation tools available may be found on the diverse platform known as NameStation. You may start utilizing their tools (including the free generator) right away after creating a free account.

Alliterations, synonyms, portmanteaux, and other creative filters are available in NameStation to help you find fantastic contextual domain name ideas. The most notable feature of NameStation, though, is its naming competitions, where you can pitch your company concept to other users and solicit their input on a name. Please keep in mind that entry fees for these tournaments begin at $40 each month.

NameStation does do a domain name availability check on your behalf, but it only makes use of the WHOIS, so you won’t have to worry about your domain name being stolen without your knowledge.

Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant domain name generators

Another domain search engine powered by Nameboy is Blog Tyrant. In order to generate original domain name recommendations, the software asks you to enter particular keywords associated with your brand and offers you variants of one- or two-word phrases.

The domain name generators from Blog Tyrant is primarily intended for bloggers. You can rapidly design the ideal domain name for your blog, “musicpoodlelife, by fusing important phrases like “poodle” with an appealing modifier like “music.”

Like Nameboy, Blog Tyrant uses Bluehost to check the availability of domain names. By clicking the ticker box next to the search bar, you may turn this off.

Lean Domain Search domain name generators

Lean Domain Search is another platform that does exactly what it advertises: domain name generators fast. Like Instant Domain Search, you can quickly enter some favorite key phrases and get a great list of results.

Keep in mind Lean Domain Search offers domain registration (and availability checking) through WordPress. However, their FAQs promise they don’t subject users to domain tasting.

Instant Domain Search domain name generators

Instant Domain Search is a thorough live search engine that provides several options for determining domain availability and coming up with creative domain name suggestions.

The Domain Extensions column lists top-level domain extensions and domain names that exactly match the keywords. In comparison, the Generator column displays a ton of options for domain names that mix various relevant terms. In the event that the desired domain name cannot be registered, this is a fantastic approach to obtain alternatives.

The premium domain names that are up for sale or bid on are listed on Domains For Sale. For each domain, it shows the asking amount or a link to submit an offer. Finding the best pricing is made simpler thanks to Instant Domain Search’s partnerships with six registrars.

As soon as you type the terms into the search window, the results will show up. The top option has the.com extension, and it is the major recommendation. The three columns labeled Domain Extensions, Generator, and Domains For Sale include further possibilities.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions domain name generator

A powerful tool called Network Solutions was created to make it easier for you to identify appealing domain names that are for sale. With IT services, security, and other features, the service also serves as a hosting provider. For any questions, a live chat option is also accessible.

By offering well-liked, fresh, and other domain name generators, Network Solutions can assist you in finding the ideal domain name. You don’t have to limit yourself to using the more well-known top-level domains (TLDs) like.net or.biz; instead, you may look into a variety of intriguing suffixes like.guru,.accountant, and more. But, they have occasionally been known to indulge in domain tasting, so be prepared to move on from a name before looking for it.

Do you need to look up other fresh domains? Up to 20 more domain names are available for bulk searches from Network Solutions. This enables you to register related words with a different extension, such as popcorn.net and popcorn.biz, to safeguard your brilliant concept.

You may always utilize Network Solutions to check for premium or expired domain names if you’re looking for a bargain. With this application, you may search through momentarily unused domains and profit from your preferences.

Considering Time

Selecting a fantastic domain name may increase your website’s traffic, search volume, and revenues. You’re getting closer than ever to choosing the ideal domain name thanks to technologies that enable crowdsourcing, extension sorting, and AI creation.

In this roundup, we’ve highlighted several excellent choices for the top domain name generators for various requirements. No matter which option you choose—Nameboy, Domain.com, Panabee, or another—you’ll get going right away.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Process of a Domain Name Generators?

    A domain name generators often employs algorithms to produce random word, letter, and number combinations in order to check if they are already taken. Some name generators also employ AI to make suggestions for names based on the topics or keywords you input.

  2. Is it possible to cancel a domain name registration?

    Owners of domains may terminate their registration at any moment with some domain registrars. Your registration will open up for others to register if you cancel it.

  3. Is it possible to sell my domain name?

    Yes, it is possible to sell a domain name. For the web, domain names are like real estate. Good, brandable custom domain names are in high demand. Domain name trading is a multi-million dollar business. Smart businesspeople are constantly seeking fantastic domain name ideas to register since domain names are so inexpensive. You can sell your domain name with GoDaddy.


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