Become a Contributor

If you are interested in becoming a guest writer for us, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of getting considered to Become a Contributor.

Keep These in Mind before Starting:

  • We won’t accept AI-written content.
  • The article should be WordPress related. 
  • We won’t accept the article if we already covered that precisely before.
  • The article should be with a valuable keyword and only written for us.
  • Fresh Content, Not Spammy & Plagiarism Free.
  • We won’t accept 100% informative content; The article should have some technical parts and screenshots. It can be up to 70% informative & 30% technical or tutorial-type, reviews, guide, comparison. 
  • Articles are not only written to obtain a backlink & not too commercial.
  • We reserve the right to remove and replace links at any moment, without the author’s permission, and to change their anchor texts as well.
  • There will all are nofollow links. In your author bio, you can mention your company and include a (nofollow) link to it. Nofollow brand references can also help your website’s SEO.

What We Are Expect In an Article


We never release content that has previously been published elsewhere. We don’t like being your second choice, and Google doesn’t appreciate repeated content.


At least 1500 words long, thoroughly researched papers are what we’re searching for. In actuality, the most successful pieces are often at least 1800 words long.

A well-organized:

Make sure the organization is clear and that it is simple to follow your line of thinking. There should be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion in every article. Always explain in your writing how a particular thought or notion contributes to your response to the query given in the headline.

Formatting that is easy for readers:

We’re searching for stories with short paragraphs, distinct headers, sub-headlines, bullet lists, photos, etc. that are simple to scan. In a perfect world, the reader should be able to understand the key points by just reading the headlines.

Grammar Correction:

Before submitting your article to us, make sure you check grammar using Grammarly (it’s free!)

How To Submit an Article:

1 – Write an outline
  • Headline with a Focus Keyword
  • Short intro – what your article is going to be about
  • Article structure – the different paragraphs you plan on including, as well as what you propose to write under those
  • Sources to be used
2 – Submit your outline

Please, keep in mind that we only accept Google Docs (don’t forget to give editing access!). When your outline is ready, Submit it via This Form, after submission make sure to send us a confirmation message with WPinLearn Contact Form.  

3 – Wait to hear back from us

You will receive a response from us if we are interested. Feel free to propose your concept elsewhere if we don’t respond to you within 6 business days.

4 – Write your article

After we accept your outline, you will be required to compose and submit a draft. Please follow our instructions when you do this! We reserve the right to refuse publishing an article if it doesn’t adhere to our rules and standards of quality.

5 – Get published

If you assist us in promoting your article once it has been published, we will be grateful:

  • Post it to your social network.
  • Send your subscriber list an email
  • Post on specialty forums and groups that are pertinent.

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