What are Backlinks on a Website: How Do You Build Quality Backlinks?


Backlinks are one of the important factors in SEO. But what are backlinks on a website, and how do you build them? 

To put it simply, a backlink is a link from one website to another. Backlinks are used by search engines like Google as a ranking indicator because when one website connects to another, it indicates that the latter considers the material to be of significance. A rise in the ranking and visibility of a website in search engine results can be facilitated by high-quality backlinks (SEO).

This guide will explain everything you need to know about what are backlinks on a website and how to get started building backlinks for your website. 

What Do Backlinks Do for Your Website?

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Backlinks are links from other websites to your site. 

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The more backlinks you have, the better your chances of ranking higher in the search results for a particular keyword phrase. This is because Google will see your site as highly authoritative because of the number of other websites that are pointing back to your site.  


Backlinks essentially serve as website votes. Each of these votes informs search engines that the material is worthwhile, reliable, and practical. Therefore, the more of these “votes” you have, the higher Google and other search engines will rank your website.                                   

Types of Backlinks & Which Types of Backlinks are Valuable?

One sort of backlink is more useful than the other of the two fundamental categories. Let’s quickly review each of them and how they impact your website.

dofollow and nofollow link

A Nofollow tag Search engines are instructed to disregard a link. They don’t transfer any value between sites. Therefore, they often don’t aid in raising your search ranking or exposure.

Dofollow the kind of backlinks that everyone desires are links. Just bear in mind that the most valuable links are those originating from reputable websites. Your search engine rankings can be boosted with this form of backlink.

However, certain dofollow links are considered harmful or “poisonous.” These links are obtained either by breaching search engine terms of service or through dubious websites.

Google may penalize or even de-index your site as a result of this. The quality of the backlinks, not their quantity, is what determines how well a website ranks.

Your website’s authority and rankings might be greatly enhanced if you use the appropriate backlinking strategy. However, low-quality backlinks might harm your reputation and rankings.

The most impactful backlinks are:

  • Editorially obtained from a reliable, 
  • Relevant website
  • Not sponsored or paid for

It takes time and work to create backlinks to your website. Here are 8 quick and easy methods to begin creating high-quality backlinks for your website.

1. Social Media Backlink

Firstly, your social media profiles should have links to your website.

2. Resource Link Building

Building resource links is one of the easiest and most efficient strategies to earn backlinks. Links are carefully selected on resource sites. Almost any topic you can imagine has a resource page. By observing which pages already link to your competitors, you may identify potential resource page prospects.

3. Broken Link Building

Finding broken links on pages within your niche and contacting the webmaster with resources to replace them is the practice of “broken link building.” Broken links not only give users a horrible experience, but they also reflect poorly on the site’s owner.

The site owner patches a broken link, and you receive a backlink as a result of this low-effort strategy of broken link development.

4. Use Outbound Links to Form Partnerships

Examining your outbound links is another technique to seek backlink chances. You may establish a relationship by sending an outreach email to websites that connect to you and have a lot of traffic. 

Tell them that you’re seeking a cooperation opportunity and could potentially start working on a case study or other piece of material together. You may obtain fantastic new backlinks, traffic, and a connection with the source if they agree with the notion.

5. Use Google Search Console Reports to Get Backlinks

The Google Search Console can help you find opportunities for backlinks for your website. The free tool from Google provides amazing data that you can use to boost your rankings. One of the best tools is the Top Linking Sites report, which shows which websites have linked back to your site in the past. 

They are already familiar with your website because they have connected to it before, so they might add another backlink. Finding websites and contacting them with pertinent material is all you need to do.

6. Create High-Quality Content That’s Link-Worthy

By producing excellent content, you may achieve backlinks in one of the simplest methods possible. Your objective should be to provide material that other bloggers and professionals in the field may utilize and connect to your website.

This tactic could take a lot of work, but if you can master it, it will be worthwhile. You may develop a variety of content types. You may publish list pieces, quizzes, how-to articles, and tutorials.

7. Write Testimonials

You may obtain a backlink for your website by posting testimonials on other websites. Did you know that? Many companies search for customer reviews to use as social proof. On their webpage, they even showcase them.

As a result, you might offer to write a testimonial in return for a backlink if you often use a product or service. Identify organizations that are pertinent to your sector and request a testimonial from them.

8. Start Guest Blogging

A tried-and-true method for obtaining backlinks for your website is guest posting. You may submit an article to several websites that allow guest bloggers.

Many websites allow anyone to sign up as a contributor or submit an article through their “write for us” area. They also allow you to include a link to your website either in the content’s body text or in the author’s bio area.

Just do a Google search to identify websites that allow guest posting. After writing the topic keyword you want to rank for, add a guest post, a piece for us, or a contributor. The search engine will then filter the results and reveal sites that accept guest blogging.

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This is all about what are backlinks on a website and how to build quality backlinks for your website. You are now aware of many strategies for obtaining an excellent backlink for your website. You may improve your search engine results by boosting the number of incoming links.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How soon can I build backlinks to my new website?

    The backlinks you build to your new website usually take a while to arrive. It usually takes a few weeks to a month for your links to start showing up in search engine results. All you have to do is wait and be patient. You can speed up the process by socially networking with other bloggers, writers, and forum members. In time, your website will show up in Google and other search engines.

  2. Is it possible to get organic traffic without backlinks?

    Yes! The keys to ranking your page or blog at the top of the search engines and attracting organic visitors are quality and original content, keyword research, and effective meta tags.

  3. How many backlinks are required for a website?

    The number of backlinks would be determined by the keywords and how challenging the ranking was. The more backlinks you employ, the easier it will be to rank.


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